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Why Hire Us

10 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer


It might sound strange that hiring someone to design your home would save you money since you have the additional fee of the designer. Hiring Details A Design Firm can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home. Especially when selling your home – Interior Design is essential when listing your home. It can help boost buyer appeal and set your home above the competition.


Details A Design Firm will give you a professional assessment of your situation, which will lead to a solid plan of action. The order of things in a design plan is key in determining what can be repurposed or should be edited. This will not only effect the budget but help you to spend it more efficiently. Details A Design offers an extra set of eyes, but these eyes are trained to see and notice things that you may not. We will simplify your life. We can make the most of what you have and do the research to find what you need. We will do the work for you, and when your projects are done, your home will not only be beautiful, it will also be more functional.


Details A Design Firm will keep you on budget and save you time and effort. Details A Design Firm knows where to go for resources for everything related to your home. This will save you endless amounts of time researching products, brands and prices. Details A Design Firm will have all this readily on hand, so you don’t have to spend the time and frustration. We will help prevent costly mistakes – there are so many choices out there, and how do you know what is better than something else? We have the expertise and will guide you to make the right choices for you.


Details A Design Firm will be able to build a stronger bridge between you and your Architect, Builder, Contractor or Sub-Contractor’s early on and can head off design misses in your overall plan. This is crucial in managing time and money. Also we are trained to think about things you may overlook. It’s so important that the space plan, lighting and furnishing needs are addressed before construction. If your living room sofa is floating in a the middle of the room you want to make sure you have the proper placement for floor electrical outlets. Details A Design Firm solve problems – every project, small or large, presents challenges. We are trained in knowing how to come up with solutions that work, and solve the problems when they arise.


There are sources available to Details A Design Firm which are not available to the general public in terms of connections, resources and general merchandise. By culminating these resources Details A Design Firm can help to make your space look more collected, unique and pulled together.


As your Design Firm, in addition to vendor resources, Details A Design Firm has many home improvement industry contacts. We can save homeowners time and headaches trying to identify reliable, contractors, plumbers and electricians for their projects. We will make sure the job gets done – as Designers, we work with some of the best painters, installers, contractors etc. During a project we will make sure that everything is completed, and that all the details have been taken care of. Give you access to resources unavailable to you – there is a world of furnishings, fabrics, accessories that are “to the trade only”. Working with us as your Interior Designers gives you access to these.


A Designer can potentially add a great deal to the aesthetic of your home, which in turn can increase showings and sales. This increased appeal can exponentially speed up the amount of time your home sits on the market before it is sold. The benefit here is two-fold, a faster turn-around time and more money in your pocket.


We are a trained professional with a trained eye that can automatically tell you if there is something wrong or right with a space. Having that immediate consult is a major advantage when making aesthetic decisions. It is the result of years of experience. Often times homeowners try to do it all themselves and get frustrated.


Interior Design is a skill and an art that will only enhance the space and the quality of your life in the space. Details A Design Firm raises the level of that experience and makes your house a home. Details A Design Firm can help you tell your visual story. We help you find and enhance your style – we have the knowledge and expertise to help you pinpoint your style and needs. Our suggestions for you will work towards creating a home that reflects who you are. There are a myriad of design choices, our advice will always guide you to what will work best for you.


Details A Design Firm can help to give you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. We are trained to think differently, spatially and to see an overall picture that clients often cannot. As your Design Firm, we think outside the box all day long.

Many people think, that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive, or that they’d lose control. This is not true. When you work with a designer:

  1. You are more likely to meet your budget.
  2. You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes.
  3. You have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for.
  4. You will save time, headaches, and money.
  5. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the processes involved in designing, remodeling, staging or selecting colors.

    Great spaces do not happen by accident. Some people have a gift for putting together rooms in a way that is pleasing to the eye, as well as functional. However, most people struggle with this. It seems so easy, but still, they cannot make it happen. Interior designers have extensive training that accompanies their experience. When we look at and plan a room, we always base it on the principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. For a room to come together well, all these principles should be considered. We also pay attention to the elements of design: space, line, shape and mass, texture, light, color, and pattern. As Designers, we use our knowledge in these areas to create interiors that are physically and psychologically comfortable, as well as beautiful and functional.